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Summer Safety Tips For Pets

May 24, 2018

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of summer), and temperatures already rising, now's a great time for a refresher on keeping your pets safe during the summer months, while having fun time together.

Get That SPF On!

Yes, dogs can get sunburn or skin cancer - especially those with light, short hair. Applying sunscreen when you know you'll be spending a good bit of time outside will help protect your dog. There are sunscreens made specifically for pets but consult your veterinarian before applying any to be safe - do not assume sunscreens made for people are safe for pets!

Water, Water, And More Water

Pets are highly prone to dehydration during the summer (especially the active ones who love to run and play and forget to drink!). Do not let your pet reach the point of dehydration as it could be fatal. Make sure your pet has plenty of water and shade while outside.

Do Not Leave Your Pet In The Car

While this may seem to be common sense, too often people think their pet will be alright for just a couple of minutes. But in just a couple of minutes, the inside of a vehicle can heat up to over 100 degrees, and quickly lead to heatstroke. So, either make sure you are going to a "pet-friendly" place where (s)he will be welcome, or best to leave your fur baby at home.

Dive In!

For some fun, kiddy pools are perfect doubles as doggy pools in the backyard. Dogs who love water will love it even more during the hot summer months and this is a fun way to keep them cool (for both of you!).

Summer Time Treats

You know how much you love a refreshing, frozen treat when there's a scorcher outside. Your pets would love them too! Here are a couple of great recipes for pupsicles and catsicles that will have your fur babies licking their chops for more.

Prevention Is Key

Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes are bad enough throughout the year, but in the summertime...forget about it! They're everywhere and can carry heartworm, tapeworm, Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, and more - all that could be passed on to your pet. So now is a great time to visit your vet for your pet's annual check-up, and to refill that prevention prescription! It's up to you to stay vigilant and keep your pet protected from summer nuisances.

You'll all have a great time this summer as long as you keep it cool and safe!