Mission, Vision, & Core Values

For almost 15 years, Animal Hospital of Old Metairie has been providing compassionate, quality care for pets throughout the Metairie and greater New Orleans areas.

With their education and experience in both Western and Eastern medical treatments, the staff holds themselves to the highest standards of care for the life of your pet.

Our Mission

We are pet care professionals who work as a team to help as many people and their pets in our community to have the best human-animal bond possible by offering optimal health, excellent veterinary care, and education in a low-stress environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest level of pet care through medical innovation, continued education, and advancements in animal healthcare. We will strengthen communication with our clients, and set a precedence of treating them and their pets responsibly, respectfully, and individually in a family environment, all while inspiring a culture of trust and compassion. Through our community involvement and support, we will promote and nurture the joy of the pet-human bond.

Our Core Values

  • Compassion - We believe compassion is at the heart of our practice, and demonstrate it through our understanding and empathy in all areas of our service to our clients and their pets.
  • Integrity - We work together as a team with a foundation of trust. We also establish that trust, and honesty, with our clients to build relationships and foster our family environment.​
  • Commitment - We are dedicated to providing the highest standards in service, as well as in medical and surgical treatments. We are dedicated to furthering our services and quality of care through continued education and innovation.
  • Quality of Life -We believe the human-pet bond is based on unconditional love, and work to strengthen that bond during the life of a pet. With our commitment, integrity, and compassion we will ensure each of our clients and their pets share a fulfilling family experience.

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