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Our Penguin Experience: It Was All That And Then Some!

January 24, 2018

Never have I ever…been attacked by a penguin.

This is a game that I can definitely raise my hand for!

My daughter, Jasmine, and I had a penguin encounter scheduled for our joint birthday. It was a wonderfully educational and fun experience and our private encounter with Dumpty the 1-foot, black-footed penguin was quite eventful. Although it didn't begin that way…Penguins are known to be pretty social and love to be touched, but as we gave Dumpty a moment to get comfortable with us, we think he needed to make sure we knew who was the boss in the room. As we sat patiently, Dumpty suddenly began to nip at Jasmine's hand. He then proceeded to circle around her, over to me, then bit the back of my arm and my hand! I still have his little beak scar! Once he let us know who was in charge of this experience, our time with Dumpty couldn't have been better.

We fed him, he made us a painting with his little feet, and Dumpty even snuggled and laid on Jasmine's lap. He even played with his toys! We also loved learning about penguins' natural habitats, their dietary needs, and their general characteristics and personalities (they're kind of like cats!). So, while we unexpectedly became victims of a tiny penguin attack, we really enjoyed the encounter and loved the time we spent with Dumpty!