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Halloween Safety For Pets

October 30, 2018

Halloween is a night of spooky fun but keeping your fur baby safe on All Hallows-Eve doesn't have to be tricky.

There are some simple things you need to keep in mind to make it a safe night for everyone - these tips could even prevent a visit to the emergency vet.

No, No, No Chocolate

There is a reason chocolate your vet is always warning against chocolate for pets - it's toxic! Chocolate contains Theobromine comes from cacao, or cocoa plants, and is very similar to caffeine. It stimulates the central nervous system, stimulates cardiac and skeletal muscles (the muscles that help us and our pets move), and relaxes the smooth muscles (stomach, bladder, intestines). Should your pet get their paws on a piece of chocolate, call your emergency vet clinic or the 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline.

Also, if your pet eats chocolate, check the Chocolate Toxicity Calculator or VetCalculators Chocolate Toxicity calculator to help determine the level of toxicity your pet will experience based on what they ate.

Other Candy Is Also Toxic!

Many other types of candies and gum include a sugar substitute called xylitol (especially in sugar-free candies and gum), and it is extremely toxic to dogs and cats. The dose of xylitol considered to be toxic for dogs is 0.1 gram. Xylitol, even in small doses, can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure, or even death in your dog or cat.

Take a look as Dr. Cynthia Benbow discusses the danger of chocolate and other candies to pets:

Pet Costumes

While we think it's fun to get the furry member of the family in on the festivities, costumes can cause some pets undue stress. Do a test run with your pet's costume to make sure (s)he is comfortable wearing it. If your pet is ok with it, also make sure the costume doesn't restrict his/her movement, sight, breathing, or ability to bark or meow. You want to be able to hear them if they are in need.

Chip Is Up To Date

If your pet gets out or lost, you want to make sure (s)he is easily identifiable. Check that your information is up to date with their microchip and make sure (s)he has on their ID tags with your current phone number.

Keep Them Safe Amidst The Chaos

Pets can become anxious (and even frightened) when the doorbell is constantly ringing. Keep him/her in a safe place inside of the house and, if possible, have someone stay with them throughout the night to help make them feel safe and calm. If you have your pet outside, definitely stay with them at all times! And make sure you have him/her on a sturdy leash.

Rule of thumb: If your pet tends to nip, bite, or be aggressive with strangers, keep them inside.

Other Things To Think About

A few things that may not come to mind right away that could cause harm to your pet:

  • No glow sticks or glow jewelry - the liquid inside glow sticks is not toxic, however if your pet gets its paws on one it does make them excessively salivate, paw at their mouth, become agitated, possibly vomit.
  • Uncooked pumpkin and corn - ingesting uncooked pumpkin or corn could cause gastrointestinal issues for your pet, and if they ingest large pieces it could cause intestinal blockage. Again, this is uncooked pumpkin or corn.
  • Electrical cords and batteries out of reach - this should be a daily precaution, but with the additional decorations, it's important to be even more mindful of keeping them out of reach.

Keeping these tips in mind (and making sure all family members are aware of them) will make Halloween full of fun, without the haunting nightmare…

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