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Earth Day Fun With Your Pet

April 18, 2018

Earth Day is April 22, and while you're thinking of things you can do to help Mother Earth, here are a few ways you can include the furry members of your family.

  • Spring Cleaning: Cleaning out the linen closets? Shelters and rescue groups, such as Kismet, are always looking for bath towels and blankets to help make it a little cozier for their residents. Give them a call to ask if they could use some of the items you no longer use or need. Some of them even request gently used collars, leashes, pet beds, toys...
  • Recycle: If you feed your pet canned food, and aren't already, make sure to rinse out those cans and add them to the recycle bin. The same goes for any treats that come in a cardboard box.
  • Nothing's as Good as Mom's (or Dad's): Consider making homemade treats for your pet. It cuts down on preservatives that go into your little guy or girl's belly. Plus, there's nothing like a treat made with love. Check out our blog post from February for some recipes they'll love!
  • Really Pick It Up: A lot of what we pick up after our pets ends up in landfills, tied up in plastic baggies that last for years…and years… Look for eco-friendly, biodegradable bags that will naturally decompose.
  • Get Out: Get outdoors with your pet! Play in the yard, work in the garden, or take a walk in the park.
  • Best. Activity. Ever: One of the best things you could do for Earth Day is to give a pet his/her forever home. There are so many great, and deserving animals just waiting to share their love! And you're doing your part to help reduce the population in the shelters.

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