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Cleaning Products & Your Pets

April 22, 2019

Our pets are what make our house a home, but they are also what make our homes a lot messier!

Did you know that the everyday household cleaning agents we use can be harmful to our pets? Unlike us, our pets spend most of their time lying on the floor, licking and eating the treats and crumbs we drop, and we all know a cat or two that even hops onto the counter-tops. This means that our pets' exposure to harmful products is much higher because they spend so much of their time on or near the floor breathing in toxins, licking them up, ingesting them, or absorbing them through their paw pads. So, you may be asking "how do I keep my house clean but also make sure my pets are safe"? Well here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your household cleaners are safe for you and your pets!

DO NOT USE products that include:

  • Bleach - While a very tough cleaning agent, exposure to bleach can cause vomiting, diarrhea, burns inside of the mouth and throat, and seizures.
  • Ammonia - This is an ingredient in many degreasers for stainless steel and oven cleaners. Ammonia can cause burns to the nose, mouth, throat, and respiratory tract which can lead to asthma. If mixed with bleach, this can even create a poisonous gas that is deadly to small animals.
  • Chlorine - Found in many all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents, disinfecting wipes, and toilet bowl cleaners. Chlorine can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.

DO USE products such as:

  • Melaleuca - Here at Benbow Veterinary Services we have put a lot of research into safe and natural cleaning products that won't harm your pets! They have a multitude of cleaning products for different areas of your home, all of which include NO chlorine bleach, NO ammonia, and NO phosphates. Their formulas contain naturally derived ingredients like thyme oil, Melaleuca Oil, carnauba wax, and citric acid. It is very safe for both humans and pets, and you get the power of effective cleaning, stain-lifting, deodorizing, and disinfecting without the danger of harsh chemicals.
  • You can also use simple mixes of natural ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar, with water.

Enjoy these tips from Benbow Veterinary Services and have a safe spring cleaning!